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  1. Create a brand with a print add and website. 
  2. Women who appreciate organic items.
  3. I observed that it was important to reflect the brand/product in the materials I created to promote it.
  4. I created a logo with hand lettering for the organic feel. The website has rounded corners and a highly natural background to create the feeling that the product is organic and natural.
  5. The idea of it all was to create a brand with an image that was parallel. The slogan is a perfect example of this: Made by hands for hands.
  6. It works because of the simplicity of the designs as well as a color scheme that has a natural feel to it.
  7. I learned to analyze past the feeling I want to create. For example, I had to make sure the logo was extra readable even with hand lettering design.
Gothic Milwaukee
  1. Create a website for a walking tours business that delivers information and entices visitors to purchase tickets.
  2. Tourists of Milwaukee
  3. I had the challenge of creating a website with a spooky feel without it screaming Halloween. I found that it was best to combine gray and orange.
  4. I approached it by finding color schemes, typefaces, and designs that I thought would work well with the site. I then created it by trial and error.
  5. The idea was to create a site that would make visitors want to go on the tour as well as explore for more information. 
  6. It works because the background creates the visual interest of Milwaukee, and the color scheme paired with the typeface creates the spooky vibe without too much Halloween.
  7. I learned that I need to really analyze and review my work to create a successful website.
Press Worthy Coffee
  1. To create a brand and a product to be a coffee shop.
  2. Chicagoans and Chicago tourists
  3. I observed that it is creatively challenging and appealing to create an entire brand and it’s components
  4. I went into it by creating the logo and then the print ads. I then created the brand components based on the style created in the advertisements.
  5. The idea was to create a brand that represented Chicago and had a unique, trendy feel to it.
  6. It works because the angles and the strong typeface represent Chicago and the colors are the parallel to coffee.
  7. I learned that it is important to make sure all elements work together every time in order to create a strong brand image.
Hand Lettering
  1. To create a series of hand lettered items
  2. Young and trendy families and couples
  3. I observed that it is a patient process if it is done right
  4. I approached it by drawing it out on paper and then editing it in Illustrator, a few of them had last minute touches in InDesign or PhotoShop.
  5. The idea was to have posters that added flare as well as interesting postcards so people would actually write letters to each other.
  6. It works because both of the goals were achieved through design as well as color scheme.
  7. I learned that I have to be patient and meticulous when creating a successful hand lettering piece.
Pringle Nature Center
  1. To create signage for direction and display of sponsors.
  2. Runners and walkers entered in the race
  3. I found that the most difficult part of the assignment was to make sure all of the logos fit well together without it looking too cluttered. a
  4. I found a color scheme and typeface that matched the feeling of a sporty, nature race. 
  5. The idea was to find a marriage between the natural side of the location and the athletic side of the event.
  6. It works because the typeface is rugged and sporty but works well with the color scheme and the repetitive symbol of the footprints.
  7. I learned that I had to work efficiently but still be cautious even though I had a limited amount of time.
Magazine Spread
  1. To create a topic that represented America. I chose the pharmaceutical business in the USA.
  2. Americans in general
  3. I had to create a whole look that represents the topic to strengthen the delivery
  4. I researched the topic and then created a color scheme and found type that successfully represented the topic.
  5. The idea was to play on a serious topic with a less serious color scheme. It created visual interest to get people to read because initially it could come off as a boring topic.
  6. It works because the feel was successfully created and entices those to read the article.
  7. I learned that a strong layout with visual interest can make any article interesting and appealing.
Make-A-Wish Poster
  1. To create advertising materials for the Make-A-Wish Benefit concert 
  2. Carthage College student body and staff
  3. I wanted to create something that stood out from all of the other posters on the bulletin boards
  4. I went for a barbershop quartet sort of feel because of the acapella group. I think it worked well because of the angels creating visual interest
  5. The idea was to create a poster that was “hot off the press” which was achieved because of the lines and the angles.
  6. It works because of the color scheme, the typeface, and the lines used. They create a successful bulletin feel.
  7. I learned that it is important to have consistent angles throughout each material created
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​1. To create a typeface and present it in a type specimen poster
2. Graphic Designers and automobile enthusiasts
3. I needed to understand the difference between type that is used for body copy and headings in order to create a successful font.
4. I used my photography from car shows as inspiration. It led me to research signs with type from the 50's when there was an automobile obsession.
5. I wanted to create a modern version of a garage sign typeface as a heading.
6. It works because of the shape echoing 50's typefaces but becomes modern because of the grid used in each letter.
7. I learned that I needed to create a unified typeface by matching each and every angle and curve from letter to letter.

1. To create a print ad for Snyder's of Hanover
2. Pretzel and chocolate lovers
3. I had to create something that would catch the attention of a magazine reader. The ad needed to stand out from an article so it would stop and engage the reader.
4. I based the ad off of an illustration of the product. I used a satirical approach by making the illustration a "masterpiece" alluding to the fact that the specific product was a masterpiece within itself.
5. To create an ad that has humor and class all in one to entice the reader to go and purchase the product.
6. It works because of the photorealistic piece of art included in the advertisement. It makes the viewer crave the product which motivates them to go and find it.
7. I learned to create a call-to-action. Once the viewer decides that they want the product they need to be pointed in the right direction in order to make the purchase. 

1. To create a brochure and poster for the Wolf Lake Trail Run
2. Runners, hikers, joggers
3. I created the brochure as an informational product that had the dual purpose of marketing the event.
4. I tried to create a look that was sporty and natural. The colors and fonts were provided by the Richard Bong Recreation Area, so it was part of the challenge to use those successfully.
6. It works because of the combination of graphics and the pictures of the nature center. It provides information in a visually appealing way.
7. I worked with materials I was given in a way that kept a unique character but also matched the branding of the recreation area.

Artist Statement

I am an ambitious graphic designer that is loyal to each and every project with a passion for being a personable leader as I build my career.

I enjoy handlettering because of the typographic qualities as well as the simplicity of just pen and paper. When I approach each project I try and find a new approach and a more creative way to problem solve. Each time I complete a piece of work it's a new learning experience that I can bring to future jobs.

I have a persistent and passionate attitude when it comes to finishing my work. Each step in the process is thought out and meticulous. However, I am open to change and taking advantage of unplanned opportunities.

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<![CDATA[10 Visual Identities]]>Tue, 27 Oct 2015 01:13:45 GMThttp://emilas.design/blog/10-visual-identities1. http://www.bu.edu/com/
This has a successful identity because it uses sleek lines and bright colors. I think these can be successful elements for a communication program. It shows creativity through the color choice and professionalism with the sleek lines.

2. https://www.goshen.edu/academics/communication/
This has a successful use of image representing their program. They offer information through infographics as well as actual body paragraphs. The color scheme fits the school's as well as added accent colors.

3. http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2015/7/21/drexel-university-online-accepted-students-kit
This acceptance kit screams what their program is about. I think all colleges of communication should do something this professional and creative.

4. https://www.calvin.edu/academics/departments-programs/communication-arts-sciences/
This fits the college's brand but also delivers quick facts about the program. I think it's an efficient way to entice a prospective student.

5. http://communicator.cas.msu.edu/
This is a great way to advertise a program. It shows the variety of studies in a creative and organized way.

6. https://www.kent.edu/vcd/undergraduate-programs
This has a break down of programs and examples of work. I think it is successful because it works well with the schools branding but also shows what's apart of it's visual communication program.

7. http://www.saic.edu/academics/departments/vcd/undergraduateoverview/
This fits with the entire website but because it is a whole art school, that is the best example of matching the branding. The colors and layout are readable and interesting.

8. https://www.bgsu.edu/technology-architecture-and-applied-engineering/visual-communication-and-technology-education/learning-design-and-technology/program-information.html
The bright colors work well paired with the summary of each area needed to be involved in th eprogram.

9. http://art.colostate.edu/academics/undergraduate/concentrations/graphic-design/
I like the use of color and line quality. I think there's also a good use of verbage.

10. http://www.wheaton.edu/academics/departments/communication
This has quick facts and matches the websites style.

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​Oct. 19: Take pictures of studio art pieces, have one hand lettering turned digital
Oct. 21: Upload pictures of studio art pieces (edited and cropped), one studio art project complete
Oct. 26: Have packaging project completed, physical and uploaded, 
Oct. 28: Have 2 pages complete on portfolio site, have on hand lettering turned digital, have 2 projects complete from studio art work

Nov. 2: Found freelance project and begun 
Nov. 4: Have 3 projects complete from studio art work
Nov. 9: Complete Chi Omega materials
Nov. 11: Have a branding/identity project complete (possibly Made Lovely if can't find anything else.
Nov. 16: Have 4 pages finished on portfolio site, have one hand lettering turned digital
Nov. 18: Update WLTR, Logo, brochure, and poster
Nov. 23/25 Thanksgiving Break- Mounting tiiiiiime/printing time!
Nov. 30: Have EVERYTHING MOUNTED, website finished
​Dec. 2: We've made it. Boom.]]>
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